Our caregivers always give 100%. Read on to unwrap 12 gifts our caregivers give to our clients all year long.


1. The gift of creativity.  Caregivers do activities, storytelling, make crafts and find inventive ways to get practical tasks done with some fun.


 2. The gift of well being. There is nothing better than someone you can rely on to care about matters like taking medication, movement, or eating right.


 3. The gift of conversation. Loneliness is not a worry for the seniors our caregivers spend time with: chat over tea, look through family photos, or play your favorite games.  


4. The gift of confidence. As we age our mobility changes and tasks we used to be confident about doing can be challenging. Our caregivers believe there are no problems—only solutions. We find ways to assist
with difficult tasks.


5. The gift of a clean home. A clean home enables seniors to remain in a tidy, sanitized space while maintaining independence. This frees up time to do the things they like to do.


6. The gift of patience. Being calm and compassionate in any situation makes all the difference. We follow the pace set by the person being cared for.


7. The gift of dignity. Personal hygiene and dressing up feels good and starts the day off right.


8. The gift of perseverance. Bad news may come and some days will be tough. Caregivers are compassionate through it all and back the next day with a smile.


9. The gift of experience. Confidence and security come from qualified help, whether in hospital or at home.  


10. The gift of mobility. Get out. See the sun. Feel the wind in your hair. Go shopping. Walk in the park. Safety comes first on accompanied outings with a caregiver.


11. The gift of loving animals. Pets are our best friends and caregivers assist seniors with pet care to ensure they can keep their furry companions.


 12. The gift of good company. Sometimes a good laugh makes everything a little bit better and can help seniors remember stories from the past.



We wish you the happiest of holidays!